Our Mission

Serving Southern Maryland Homeschool Families Since 2005

Homeschool Christian Academy (HCA)  endeavors to support Christian homeschooling parents of Southern Maryland by providing an affordable opportunity to supplement their children’s education in a Christ-centered environment.

Who We


HCA was founded in 2005 by a few dedicated parents to provide a few classes for a small homeschool group. HCA has expanded into a larger coooperative tutorial to include a variety of K-8th grade courses.

HCA is staffed by its member families that serve as Parent Assistants, Supervisors, Coordinators and Administrators. Teachers are contracted to provide weekly instruction to HCA students.

Who We

Are Not

Homeschooling families enrolled in HCA are individually responsible for their legal standing with the State of Maryland, local school board and, if applicable, umbrella organization.  HCA is NOT a school or umbrella organization and therefore does not issue credits, transcripts or other legal documentation.

Who We


We serve K-8th grade homeschooled students.  Students must be able to function without assistance or accommodation in a classroom setting to attend HCA classses. Since HCA is not a school, there is no support staff to accommodate any special needs.  HCA cannot provide an allergen-free environment at lunch, administer medication or manage any health issues.
Parents should contact HCA if they require clarification regarding any of these items or would like to discuss their child’s specific situation.