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Join us at HCA!

Membership & Enrollment is Open


2016-2017 Membership & Enrollment

Updated: July 13, 2016

The first step towards enrollment is to apply for HCA membership.  There are no fees to apply for membership, nor does it obligate you to enroll in classes.

While HCA enrollment remains open through February 2017, teacher approval is required to add an academic class after the 3rd week of class.      PLEASE DO ASK as often the answer is yes.

High school academic classes may not be added after the 2nd week of class, unless a student can demonstrate knowledge and skills on par with current class progress.

Teachers of K-2 Music, P.E. & Art classes have graciously committed to teach those classes with the hope that more students will enroll.    K-2 classes and a 5th-7th Science class with less than 5 students NEED more students by August 15th to remain on the schedule.   Please tell your friends!!

If you are interested in a closed class, please contract HCA to be placed on the Wait List. 

The DROP DEADLINE was May 31, 2016.   Tuition & Materials Fees are non-fundable unless there is Wait List for a class AND another student is immediately able to fill the slot. 

Class Notes and Field Trips

Please carefully read course descriptions to determine if the content and required homework will work with your homeschooling goals and priorities.  Contact HCA's registrar via the website if you have any questions.

Required textbooks and school supplies must be purchased by families unless it is stated in the course description that the Materials Fee will be used by the teacher to purchase textbooks for the class.

Save the date! HCA's fall field trip to the National Zoo will be Friday, October 7 (rain date - October 21).

MANDATORY Orientation Meeting for 2016 - 2017

When: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - Doors will open at 8:40 AM; mandatory presentation will begin at 9 AM.
Who: Attendance by at least one parent from each family and any teens (13 years and older) attending HCA is MANDATORY.  Please plan ahead as and make arrangements for infants and younger children as child care is not available.
Where: SAYSF Bible Church
Why: HCA has important information to communicate with all families to ensure a smooth and successful year.

Every effort is made to streamline the Orientation meeting.  Most families should be able to complete all the required items in less than two hours.

2016 - 2017 First Day of Classes

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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