Tuition and Fees

See the Documents Page for the complete printable listing of HCA's Tuition & Fees. 

Registration Fees

A NONREFUNDABLE registration fee per student is charged at the time Enrollment is requested with a maximum registration fee of $100 per family.  Class choices are reviewed and approved by the registrar AFTER the registration fee clears.

Invoicing & Securing Classes

Families are invoiced Tuition and Materials fees via email once their enrollment request has been approved.  

Due to the demand for many of HCA's classes the following items must be received within two weeks of invoicing or by the first day of classes, whichever comes earlier, to secure approved enrollment choices:

Your Registration & Enrollment Packet will include:Crequired forms completed.

    • A printed & signed cover sheet.
    • All checks pre-written to cover Tuition, Materials Fees and Parent Assistant Shifts.
    • All paperwork that is generated while working through the ONLINE Enrollment checklist.

If a class does not meet its minimum class size by June 1, the teacher reserves the right to cancel the class unless parents agree to pay a higher tuition rate.

Payment plans are available with 1, 2 or 10 payments over the academic year.  Details will be provided during the enrollment process.  Of importance:

  • Materials Fees checks are dated July 1
  • All initial tuition payment checks will be writen to July 15.


Please see the Fees, Tuition, Payment & Refund Policies document on the Documents Page for current tuition rates.  Tuition is also listed in the Class Availability grid by individual classes.

Tuition rates are based upon full year enrollment, though families may enroll after the year begins, based upon class availability and the preference of teachers.  As of the 8th week of classes, families pay 75% of full tuition.  Families enrolling for or during the 2nd semester would pay single semester tuition rates.


Materials Fees, Textbooks & Class Supplies

Materials fees vary and are charged per class, per student.  Materials fees remain the same regardless of when a family enrolls.  All materials fees checks are dated for July 1 of the current year or on the date of enrollment if after July 1.

Required textbooks and class supplies are NOT included in the materials fees unless stated otherwise by the teacher in the course description. 

Check the Class and Descriptions page for the specific details for each class. 

Parents must purchase required textbooks, workbooks and classroom supplies prior to the first day of classes.

Payment Policy Highlights

See Membership, Enrollment & Payment Policy on the Documents Page for complete details. 

Families may only adjust schedules after enrollment by paying a $15 Processing will be charged.

Registration Fees are nonrefundable.  

Tuition and materials fees are nonrefundable after June 15 unless:
   A) The class is full AND
   B) There is a student on the waiting list that will fill the open spot. 

Because HCA secures teachers based on the enrollment for the FULL ACADEMIC YEAR, tuition and materials fees are non-refundable if you decide to withdraw your child or teen after June 15 unless the two above conditions are met.

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