Study Hall


Regular study hall is available to students in grades 3-12 for quiet study and will be monitored by the Parent Assistant. This policy will be strictly enforced to ensure students can accomplish quiet school work or assignments. 

  • The fee for study hall is $60 for the year per hour.  A study hall period may be added, space permitting, at any time during the year.  Rates are $45 after the 7th week of classes and $30 for a single semester.
  • Although we recommend that a student not have more than one study hall, up to two hours of study hall may be taken in a day.
  • Study hall may not be taken in back-to-back hours, unless a high school student requires 1 1/2 periods of Study Hall in conjunction with an 85-minute high school class.
  • Students are expected to work or read quietly the entire study hall period. Parents must ensure that students have more than enough written work or reading material for the entire period. 
  • Talking, eating/drinking/gum, and toys are NOT allowed in study hall.
  • Students may use an ereader, laptop or other electronic devices to complete school assignments, providing their work is not a distraction to other students.  The study hall supervisor may ask students to lower the volume on their headphones to a ensure a low background noise level.
  • NOTE that Internet access is not available at this time, so devices/programs will need to "stand alone" without Internet use. 
  • Students must respect the authority of the Parent Assistant overseeing study hall.

Single Use Study Hall Policy 

To help families with a unique scheduling situation, single-use study hall is available, space permitting, for $5 a period per student. Like regular Study Hall, this is limited to students in grades 3-12 and may be for no more than two non-consecutive periods.

  • To request use of this convenience please make arrangements in advance with a member of the Admin team or with a Supervisor to ensure space permits.
  • The $5 is paid by check made out to HCA of So MD, Inc., and given to the Supervisor on duty when you drop off your student for the day.
  • This service is limited to space available in the study hall. Some periods may have space, while others may not.
  • Single-use study hall is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students must be enrolled in a class either immediately before or after the study hall period.
  • Students must be prepared with quiet work for the entire period.


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