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  HCA Membership Requirements

While there is no fee to apply for HCA membership, applying for membership is the first step in enrolling your students for classes at HCA.

Please read all the information found on the Documents page prior to applying for HCA membership to be sure HCA is an appropriate fit for your family's goals and priorities.  HCA member families must agree to abide by ALL of HCA’s policies and procedures.

How to Apply for HCA Membership

A checklist process will guide the applicant through a series of forms that provide essential family data and detailed information about each child who will be enrolled.   

Once your application has been submitted, the HCA staff will review your information and either directly accept your membership or contact you if there are questions. When your membership has been accepted, your login will be granted additional privileges and you will receive an email confirmation. 

After HCA membership is approved, you will be able to register for classes during the Open Enrollment period.  Please check the  HCA home page for updates on when open enrollment will begin for the upcoming academic year.

To apply for HCA Membership click here. 

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