HCA is Operated by Parents!

HCA has no employees and is run by parents serving in various roles.  Updated April 24, 2017.

HCA Service Requirements

Each family must either:

A)  Assist with Thursday supervsion and help with one other event, task or activity


B) Serve in a Leadership Role.

Choice A) - Supervision Assistance & Helping Out

1)  Supervision Shifts:

Families must cover one set of Thursday Parent Assistant supervision shifts for each full day equivalent or portion thereof.  (A full day, is 6 class/Study Hall periods + one Lunch period.  85-minute high school classes count as 1.5 classes.)

Hence a family with one full day of classes or less will cover one set of shifts.

A family more than one full day, up to two full days equivalent, will cover two sets of shifts, while a family with more than two days equivalents, up to three full days equivalent, will cover three sets of shifts.

  • Lunch supervision is from 11:30 AM – 1 PM
  • One Study Hall supervision shift is from either 8:15-11:45 AM or 12:15-4:00 PM
  • A family may request to work their Lunch & Study Hall shifts on the same day which takes about 5 hours.
  • Substitutes are available to cover one or both shifts for $15 (Lunch) or $30 (Study Hall).

2)  Help with one aspect of an HCA event or activity.  The list of possible choices will be made available to HCA families during the Registration process.  Some of these include:

  • Assist a coordinator with one aspect of his/her project(s): i.e. help clean up, organize snacks or programs for Open House, help at a spirit night, etc
  • Be the Point-of-contact for an pre-arranged Field Trip, such as at museums, cultural events, concerts or performances, etc.
  • Arrange a Special Event such as bowling, ice skating, fire safety presentation, etc.

Choice B) - Leadership Roles

Parents may fullfill all their mandatory participation requirements by serving as a Teacher's Assistant, Lunch or Study Hall Monitor, Coordinator or on the Administrative Team.  These roles ensure that HCA's can offer performance nights, social events and field trip to HCA families.   Each requires a minimum of 30 hours of service which is appreciated!  All work is done to the glory of God!

Teacher's Assistants assist a teacher in one class each Thursday.  The list of possible choices may be made available to HCA families during the Registration process.


Coordinators enable HCA to offer events and activities that enrich the HCA community of families.  These roles require 30-60 hours of service to HCA each year.  These include:

  • Christmas Festival Coordinator (December event)
  • Assitant to AM Supervisor (Set up prior to start of class Thursday)
  • Assistant to PM Supervisor (End of Thurday class day clean-up)
  • Event Technical Assistant (Works with both Event Coordinators)
  • Open House & Fine Arts Festival Coordinator (end April/early May event)
  • Mom's Fellowship (~monthly meetings)
  • Off-site Activities (scheduled Field Trips, Social Events, Fundraisers, etc.)
  • Publicity & Fundraising
  • Photographer
  • Yearbook Advisor
  • Standardized Testing (Optional Stanford testing is offered every other year between semesters.  The next session is scheduled for May 2018.) 

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team oversees HCA operations.  These positions include:

  • AM and PM Supervisors:  Supervises on-site operations each Thursday
  • Treasurer:  Handles all financial transactions
  • Registrar:  Enrolls students and supports teachers.
  • Operations Co-Director: Directs Thursday class day operations & activities.
  • Curriculum Co-Director: Oversees curriculum, teachers & class schedule.
  • Legal Administrator: Presides over HCA of SO MD, Inc. the non-profit 501(c)(3) that enables HCA to operate.
  • Webmaster: Supports and maintains the website

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