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The first step of the application process is to provide some basic information about your family . Next, you'll provide some more details and some family history information. Then, you'll enter your children's information.

This entire process is guided by a checklist that will lead you through the steps one at a time. Once you're done, you will be able to review your information, then submit it to us for consideration. We will review your application and contact you.


General Information

Last name:
Mother's name:
Father's name:
Address: (publish in directory?)
Home phone:
Mom's cell phone: (publish Cell and Work/Other phone numbers in directory?)
Dad's cell phone:
Work/Other phone:
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Email address: (publish this email in directory?)
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Alternate email address:
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Student Information

(You will provide details such as name and age on the next page.)
Students that you wish to enroll in the HCA:

Student(s) live with:
If other, please explain:
If parents are divorced, who has legal custody:

After you submit this form, you will need to log in using the email and password provided above. Then you will continue the membership application process.

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